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Hi! I'm Anjahla Cristina (Spelled at birth: Angela Christina). Thanks for hopping on my site.  I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2010, after several California jaunts, I fell in love with the west coast, and moved to NorCal permanently to be closer to many of my friends and family. I have been writing longer than I can remember and in 2018 I decided to share my story, writings and inspirations publicly. Why?

Welp, in the spring of 2017, I pinpointed a struggle I had been experiencing much of my life: Depression. 

Like many others who battle with depression, many folks around me didn't realize how hard I was fighting for inner joy, happiness, and a will to live. Due to what I believe was related to a childhood trauma, I struggled with nicotine addiction and other addictive behaviors much of my life. Although I tried to "get it together" I would feel defeated and ashamed. After realizing I had been fighting depression all those years, through what I believe to be the grace of God, along with strong family and friend support, I stopped blaming myself and started making Strategic Healthy Choices to Happiness. I started fighting the depression itself, rather than numbing the feelings and symptoms I experienced from it. ie. Hopelessness, Sadness, Fear, Pain, Purposelessness, etc.

To date, I am nicotine free. I am happy to be on a life  journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I am grateful to be the best version of myself yet. Through different creative and educational means, my ambition is to: inspire healthy everyday decisions. I have found that day by day, through LOVE, honesty, and healthy decisions, the pain that unfair circumstances can bring and depression itself, can be healed. It's worth it to NEVER QUIT FIGHTING for internal happiness. 

Other random stuff about me: I grew up with all brothers, so I quickly became a sports enthusiast. I go by many nicknames: Jella, An-jah, Ang...just not Angie. I'm an avid concert goer. I never thought I'd say "I'm really excited to eat broccoli", but I did, and I meant it. 10 time out of 10 I'll use a toilet seat cover if it's available, and I laugh a ton. It's good medicine.  

"Never let pain get you down. And never quit"

Elizabeth Clanton (Angela's Grandma)


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