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Hi! I'm Anjahla Cristina. Thanks for hopping on my site. In April 2017 I was at one of my lowest lows. Sucking it up wasn't working. I couldn't seem to pull myself up by the bootstraps and move forward. I was calling into work sick. Pushing myself to hang out with people, feeling alone and empty inside. For years I had been drinking and smoking to find any sort of relief and distraction from the pain. This wasn't the first time I'd felt worthless, hopeless, alone, and overwhelmed with sadness. At the age of 36,  during that stretch of misery, a couple of really good friends helped me pinpoint what I was experiencing. A bout of Depression.

Like so many others who have fought depression, painful life experiences, or unfair circumstances, I would cope with the "unhappiness" through harmful, self medicating, addictive behaviors that only perpetuated the pain. And when I tried to "get it together" and failed, I would feel defeated and ashamed. Repeating another cycle of depression. 

Knowledge empowered me to take action. When I understood what I was experiencing, I stopped blaming and beating myself up, realized what I was fighting, chose to not feel sorry for myself for experiencing depression, and I decided to NOT let pain be an EXCUSE not to change. I educated myself on depression and the many treatment options. I started making Strategic Healthy Choices to Happiness: Medication (for a short period of time). Supplements. Exercise. Counseling. A Nutritionist. Gratefulness. Self Love. Personal Compassion. Rather than trying to run away and escape painful feelings and symptoms. ie. Hopelessness, Sadness, Fear, Loneliness,  Purposeless, etc. I started fighting the depression itself.

Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, LOVE, forgiveness, hard work, determination, thankfulness, honesty, human connection, positive mindsets, and healthy decisions diminish the power that pain potentially has over my inner thought life. Through Jah's (God's) grace, Internal Happiness is Attainable. Life is worth it, I am worth it, YOU are worth it, to NEVER QUIT FIGHTING for internal happiness. I am on a life  journey, to be the best version of me: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Have you started your journey?

"Never let pain get you down. And never quit."

Elizabeth Clanton (My Grandma) 



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